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JuxtaCam is a simple camera app that allows to take pictures by juxtaposing another picture from your camera roll. It allows to easily align pictures and get the perfect composition. It is the perfect app if you want to:

-take many pictures of the same person/object at the exact same place, but with different backgrounds or at different times (before/after).

-take many pictures of different person/objects at the exact same place, with the same background.

-take pictures for still/stop motion movie.

-take pictures for time-lapse movie.

Great concept; definitely worth a try ★★★★
by kaphinga

This app allows you to import an image from your camera roll and then use the image from your camera roll to align your current shot. The app saves your single shot and not the blended image, which is a good thing. After you have saved the image, you can blend your original shot and your new shot in Superimpose or Image Blender --- which gives you lots of flexibility in processing. I have often wanted an app like this, and this is the first time I have seen anything quite like it in the Appstore. Its a great first release, although I am hoping for a few improvements over time, including a brief tutorial and the ability to set focus/exposure. Overall, its stable and saves at full resolution. Its definitely worth $0.99.